Friday, August 9, 2013

Beauty Review: Philosophy Purity Made Simple gel cleanser

So I've been on a quest to find a cleanser that doesn't turn my skin into a dry, flaky, over-sensitive mess. I've tried and reviewed Neutrogena Naturals and  Fresh Soy, and I was disappointed in both. My third (and thankfully final!) product has won me over.

Purity is described as a gel cleanser, a facial makeup remover, and an eye makeup remover.  While my mascara (not a waterproof one) stubbornly stays put after trying to gently remove it with the cleanser, Purity removes my face makeup just fine. I don't wear eye makeup very often so this doesn't really matter to me. What makes me love this product is the fact that it doesn't dry the life out of my skin after using it. It doesn't smell like herbs or flowers or harsh soapy chemicals. And best of all, no breakouts! I use about a dime size amount and that's enough for my face/neck. The gel spreads nicely, and although there's no exfoliation, I use a rubber gentle exfoliating cleanser pad which does the job just fine :)

I've been using this cleanser for weeks with zero complaints, and I think that Purity has found yet another lifetime supporter. I'd recommend this to anyone, but mascara and liquid liner might not be satisfied with having to use eye makeup remover after a "3-in-1" product.

Lia's Rating: Love it! (downgraded because it did not remove eye makeup as advertised)