Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beauty Review: Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser

 I recently ran out of what had been my favorite cleanser, Biore 4-in-1 detoxifying, and needed to find a new "good ol' reliable" product. Either my skin became way more sensitive between the "old" version and the "new" version, or they also changed the formula when they changed the look and bottle style, but my skin became severely dried out after using it. Damn you, sodium laureth sulfate, and your dehydrating foam power! Anyway, I needed something new. I didn't bother reading reviews, just went to my local drugstore and picked up whatever sounded good... yes I know bad bad idea, I'm not sure WHAT I was thinking. The Neutrogena purifying cleanser sounded harmless enough, with those lovely words I look for in a cleanser: "gentle" "natural" "improves complexion." And more importantly, it cost under $10 which made my wallet me very happy :) Unfortunately, I learned that hard way that a) reading cleanser reviews is really important, and b) I might need to spend more than $10 on a facial cleanser if I want positive results.
The first time I used this cleanser, it felt nice on my skin. It's a gel, with a smell that I call "soapy coconut." I used a small amount, maybe a dime-sized pump of it, and it created a decent lather. My skin felt tingly, even more after I rinsed my face. About a minute after I dried my face, it started to feel really tight and dry, and I had to apply more moisturizer than usual to quench my parched skin's thirst. No immediate "complexion improvement" but I hadn't expected any yet. The next night, I used the cleanser, and again my face felt tight and dry. Also, I didn't get that "clean" feeling after using it; my pores were NOT deep-cleaned like the bottle said they would be. Then I looked in the mirror, and a concerned, tomato-colored face looked back at me.

To put it mildly, I was unhappy with the product. But I hadn't faced the full wrath of Purifying Cleanser yet. No, the worst was yet to come, and it arrived the next morning. A patch of cystic acne greeted me when I woke up, and it stubbornly clung to life for the next TWO WEEKS. I read some reviews, and it looks like I'm definitely not the only one to have a bad reaction to this product. Luckily, I have a sample of Fresh Soy Face Cleanser to test out, and hopefully my skin won't go haywire after using it :)
Lia's Rating: Horrible! It turned my face red and dry, and exacerbated my acne. WILL NOT PURCHASE AGAIN.

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