Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beauty Review: Caudalie Divine Oil

 (to defeeaattt DRY SKIN!!! :D)
     Okay, so I was very excited to buy this because it's supposed to be some super oil that has grape seed oil, sesame oil, sunflower seed oil, & hibiscus oil in it and you can use on your skin, hair, & nails.  I ran out of my crappy drugstore face cream, and with the unforgiving winter weather reducing my skin to a dry, flaky mess, I decided to give the oil a try. The size I purchased was 1 fl oz and only $12.00, so I figured it wouldn't break my bank if it was a dud.
     When I first took the bottle out of the package, I was surprised to see the size of it. It seemed like alot for only twelve bucks!  I wouldn't suggest buying the full size (which is $49.00) unless you plan on using it on your entire body daily.
     When I put it on, I was happy to see that the solution came out of the bottle in a pump (no mess!)  I wouldn't say it came out in a mist, but more of a concentrated stream.  Anyways, the feeling wasn't sticky or greasy, and it absorbed rather quickly!  Not only did I use it on my hands and around my nails, but on my face. I have combination skin, and so far there have been no angry outbreaks. :D
     My one gripe would probably be the smell; it's nice, but after a few whiffs it can get pretty strong, almost to the point of being nauseating.  The description I read before I purchased it said it had notes of rose, vanilla, grapefruit, and white musk, but all I kept smelling was the grape seed oil.
     All in all, it's a great oil for a great price, but it's not for me.  It worked nicely on my skin, but I was disappointed in the smell, and the strong fragrance was a turn off.  I will most likely not be buying this again, thus, the search for the perfect moisturizer continues...
Alli's Rating: Okay


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