Friday, June 14, 2013

Beauty Review: Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer

Wow, I can't believe how fast the last few weeks have gone by! So much has happened in my personal life (and professional life, too) that I lost track of the days, gosh. Ending the year at the program where I tutor fulltime was crazy fun, and I am so glad to finally be on summer break :)

I've been wanting to review this buffer for a while, but it got put on the back burner behind some bigger reviews. While I may not have ten paragraphs to say about this one, it definitely deserves a place on my blog.

I first learned about the Crazy Shine buffer from a previous acquaintance, and I was impressed with her results. She had used the buffer before I saw her, and I would have sworn she had a topcoat of nail polish on if she hadn't then literally grabbed me by the hand and buffed one of my fingernails before I could even protest. (I was kind of scared because I had never before in my life buffed my nails, and it seemed so weird to be scrubbing them like that!) After buffing, she shined my nail...and that was when I was completely amazed. 

The buffer pad itself is pretty easy to hold onto, but the smooth side can get a bit slippery (especially if your hands are sweaty or wet when holding it.) I use the rough green side to buff for about ten seconds, and then I rub the white shiny side on my nail for about 5 seconds or until I see a satisfactory shine :)  It's really amazing how shiny it makes my nails!  I rarely, if ever, wear nail polish because I am a hands-on activities kinda person, and nail polish would just be a hassle. This buffer lets me have a manicured look without spending more than five dollars. Best of all, no chemicals on my nails and no chipping!

The edges of the buffer wear out quickly, which stinks because the edges are the easiest part of the buff pad to use, but it's not difficult to position my nail over the center of the pad. Revlon sells these in regular sizes and to-go sizes, and I personally like one of the smaller pads (the flower shape one) because the petals are so conveniently sized for my nails, with extra edges to use. I'm not a religious buffer (once every few weeks and on special occasions) so my pad lasts a few months. Of course, more frequent buffing = more frequent pad replacement :)

I recommend this to pretty much everybody! If you want smooth, shiny nails without the hassle of nail polish or salon prices, this is THE product for you.

Lia's Rating: Remarkable!

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