Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Snack time review! Nabisco Birthday Cake Golden Oreos

This is a cookie only wielded in the most desperate of times. Times when people like me who maybe used to eat vanilla frosting by the spoonful for dessert need something mindblowingly sweet to get rid of one helluva craving. This week has been a desperate time for me. I'm less than two weeks away from wrapping up the school year at my tutoring program, and life has been one big pile of paperwork. These cookies just showed up in my snack cabinet a few days ago (thanks, family, for the weird and awesome foodz I always find in there!) and I needed to try one, if only to hate on them like almost everyone else I know. 

They taste so. Flipping. Sweet. And they really rock that fake-birthday-cake-borderline-bubblegum flavor, which I found worked strangely well with the golden cookie. I think this is one of those snacks where you really like it, or you really don't. You can practically feel the sugar attacking your teeth as you chew them. (12 grams of sugar for two cookies...I was surprised!) But sometimes...sometimes I just really need a junk processed cookie. These were so bad and yet so good. I mean, they obviously tasted nothing like real vanilla icing OR a proper birthday cake, but seriously if my taste buds could smile they would have resembled toothpaste commercial actors. All I needed were two of these golden beauties to satisfy my super craving. T-t-t-t-t-tasty ;)

Would I buy these again? Well, I didn't buy them in the first place, so wrong question! Ahem, as delicious as they are, I don't think I would buy them myself, because no one else in my house would eat them and I wouldn't buy a package of oreos to polish off on my own. I WOULD, however, recommend them to anyone with a serious vanilla sweet tooth.

Lia's Rating: Loved it! 

I do have to mention that I also tried the birthday cake chocolate oreos. The flavor combo of fake bday cake and the not-so-sweet chocolate cookie was, in my humble opinion, absolutely disgusting. Against the chocolate, the "icing cream" or whatever you want to call it was completely plastic-y. They didn't work well together. Blegh, I say! BLEGH!

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