Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not my usual review!

I've been reviewing books and beauty products for a few months now. While I love reading, and testing out makeup & moisturizers, I also like trying new food! And maybe it sounds silly, but if I find a really good recipe or snack or chocolate bar, I want to spread the word about it. :) (And if I try something disgusting, I want to send out a warning post about that too lol.) So today's review is going to be of a snack I just tried.

I'm a HUGE fan of cheddar cheese, and the many (healthy and unhealthy) snacks coated in it. A family friend who is hopelessly in love with Veggie Straws recommended the Sensible Portions Smooth Cheddar Potato Straws. And of course, I tried them.

You can get them in a pack of 1 oz servings, or in a 7 oz bag (that has seven servings, if you eat your portion according to the convenient serving size info on the back. 38 Straws!) On the front of the bag, the straws appear coated in that pretty orange cheese powder. Alas, this is not the case. The straws have almost NO cheese flavor whatsoever. You're lucky if you can actually see the stingy sprinkling of cheddar on any of them. All you can taste is the potato! It's like a bland form of pringles. And I'd deal with the texture (like very crunchy styrofoam) if these straws actually had an appealing flavor, but unfortunately for me they don't.

I love what the company does with the portion info on the back, but the product just isn't tasty enough for me. If I'm going to taste potatoes, I'd rather eat a potato chip. But I'll give other veggie straw flavors a chance... I'm kind of excited about trying the ranch flavor!

Lia's Rating: Okay (will not be buying again!)

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