Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beauty Review: Vaseline Total Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion

   As I've continued my search for the HG dry skin relief, I've been testing out some fancy shmancy products and some drugstore products. Vaseline lotions were on sale and so I figured, why the heck not? I grabbed three that sounded like moisturizers I might like. Total Moisture Clean Feeling was the first one I tried, and unfortunately, I'm not impressed.
   There are a few different lotions in the "Total Moisture" line. This one is supposed to leave your skin with a fresh-not-greasy feeling. It boasts about a "stratys-3" formula and pure oat extract, but I don't really care about special ingredients. It's more important to me that my moisturizer is a) non-greasy and b) long lasting.
   It's definitely a lightweight lotion. It smells like oats, I guess, but there's also some other fragrance in there. Not my preference, but hey, it says "fragrance" right there in the ingredients list, so that's my own fault. It takes about 30 seconds for it to absorb into my hands (roughly the same for body.) My skin felt moisturized for about 10 hours. Not too shabby for a drugstore product, methinks! On the bottle, it says that this stratys-3 formula is supposed to hydrate down to the deep layers of your skin, but I didn't get that "my skin's thirst is quenched!" feeling. Total Moisture feels nice for the first few minutes... then I have some issues with it.
   My biggest problem was with its non-greasy formula. It's true, I didn't have that continuously slimy feeling on my hands, long after applying it. That's because I had a continuously powdery feeling on my hands. When this lotion dries, it leaves this sort of film on top of my skin. You know how as a kid, you play around with liquid glue and let it dry on your fingers, then peel it off? No? Oh, well that was basically my childhood. It felt like I had a very thin layer of glue all over my hands. It also felt that way on my body. Gross!
   My other issue was that about 3 minutes after applying, my skin started to feel itchy, and scratching didn't help. At all. Looking at reviews, it seems like the same thing has happened to some other unfortunate people, so it's obviously not a rare reaction. Thankfully the itchiness was only temporary, so I wasn't suffering or anything. Just mildly annoyed.

Overall, I would not recommend this lotion to anyone because of my not-so-great experience with it. Try at your own risk!

Lia's Rating: Horrible/DNF


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