Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beauty Review: BareMinerals Original Foundation

It's powder, it's foundation - no, it's miracle makeup! Now I know that there are literally thousands and thousands of reviews on this product out there already, but I need to at least write a quick post about my own experience with it. I've always had issues with foundation, between the oompa-loompa orange tones and the breakouts and the weird mask-like textures... I wanted a foundation that not only looked good and felt good, but treated my skin right. While my liquid foundation does the first two, BareMinerals does all three of those things :)


Let me start by saying that the only thing that really stopped me from buying this a year ago (when I first learned about it) was the price. I'd never paid close to $30 for foundation before. So when I discovered a try-me kit for much less, I was super excited. The 30-day supply kit contained both the "original" and "matte" bareMinerals foundations (along with a cute travel-size brush and mineral veil.) I already had an excellent primer, MUFE hd microperfecting (which you can read my rave review about it here.)

After applying moisturizer & primer, I read the little application info card that came with the kit, and followed the steps for a natural finish: tap a small amount of powder into the cap, swirl some powder into the brush, tap off the excess, and buff in circular motions starting from the jawline. (That little card was a BIG help, because I'd never ever applied powder foundation before.) I was so pleased with how my face looked! Natural, so natural, it didn't even look like I was wearing makeup. And I didn't need to smear gobs of it all over the place for an even look, like I did with my liquid foundation. Of course, I only applied a light amount, so the coverage wasn't 100%, but I could either spot conceal where necessary, or just apply another layer if I felt like it.

After wearing it for both short lengths of time and a full day, I have not broken out or had any weird reactions to it. It even seems like it's helping to even out my natural skin tone.(Although that could also be from my sampling of Marula oil moisturizer... I'll have to review that too!)

The shade I got was slightly darker than my natural skin tone (it looked like I had applied a bit of bronzer lol) so I purchased a lighter colored full-size foundation and I have no complaints :) This is a two-thumbs up product that I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a new foundation.

Lia's Rating: Remarkable Product!

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