Saturday, September 1, 2012

Solid, The Indigo Spell Chapter 1 and 2, and some upcoming changes here at Remarkable Reads (8/19/12)

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying your week! I've read Solid by Shelley Workinger, and I will be posting my review either tomorrow or monday. I'm anxiously waiting for my library to get their copy of The Golden Lily, hopefully the wait won't be much longer! At this point, I have no other author or publisher requested books lined up to review, so I'll be looking through some of Sandra's old posts to see if there are any tbr's that grab my attention.

Richelle Mead has released the first chapter of The Indigo Spell online, woo! Click here to read it on Scribd (and admire the cover in giant-screen. So pretty!) I won't be reading it (...still waiting for TGL, hello) but if anyone is looking for some THS goodies, this is pretty big :) Of course, there was a leak online earlier, buuuut if I were one of the leaked copy readers, I would read it again, because obviously these books (*cough cough and their leaked chapters cough cough*) are WELL worth re-reading. And I don't say that about many books or series. *thumbs up of approval*

***UPDATE*** Chapter 2 is now available, click here to read it as well!

My final "announcement" is that I've decided to totally redo the blog. My main gripe is that the current URL is remarkablereads-sandra etc. Being that Sandra is no longer involved in the blog at all, I don't think that the URL properly reflects the blog or whatever. (And I don't want my name in it either!) When I tried to change the URL of the current RR blog, it was like RR had no followers. No page views for days, which was not normal at all. So, I reverted back to the original URL and have been working for hours at a time, for the past week or so, to create the layout for a brand new RR blog. Same blog, same post author, different URL + layout. (I've had so much fun designing, and invested so much time, and I'm not even halfway done! My detail-orientedness about this is not helping lol.) All of the posts on this blog will be moved over to the new one. I'll be leaving the old blog up for about a month after the new one goes live, and hopefully by then all of RR's followers will have followed the new blog. I'd like for the new blog to be up and running on september 1st. Of course, I'll be posting reminders for followers to make the switch every so often. Also, I will be changing my rating system (for the 100th time, I know.) Instead of number "scores" or stars, I will be using five different phrases to "rate" the books I read. I'll post more details when the new blog release date is closer.

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for following Remarkable Reads!

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