Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Reads

Being that it's been two whole weeks since I've posted anything on the blog, I felt that, at the very least, a tbr pile announcement would be necessary. I started my new job on Sept. 4th, and while I love working everyday, I've been neglecting my book pile, so this month's book list is pretty short.

To Be Reviewed:

  • Settling (Book 2 of the "Solid" series) by Shelley Workinger. I'm really excited to be reading this one; the first book left me with so many questions! And the romance... it's good, people ;)
  • Bridgeworld (first book in the series) by Travis McBee.

  • Water Song: A Retelling of the Frog Prince by Suzanne Weyn. This one has mixed reviews throughout the blogosphere, but I've read a few other books in this "retelling" series and liked them, so I'm giving this one a chance.
  • Pyxis: The Discovery (Pyxis Series book 1)
  • The Soulkeepers (Soulkeepers Series book 1)
I'm planning on having at least one review, if not both, posted on the blog by the end of the month. (I'm still trying to adjust to my new schedule...hectic doesn't even begin to describe it!)    

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