Monday, October 1, 2012

The blog is here!

The old blog is officially deleted, and this URL is now the home of Remarkable Reads! *Time to break out the party hats, vuvuzelas, fireworks, all that good stuff* 


...*ahem* on a more important note, I finally have a day off from work so I can post about everything I've wanted to say for the past few weeks. (After sleeping forever, of course.) A review for Bridgeworld by Travis McBee should be posted by tomorrow. There are some awesome shows premiering this month that I'd like to fangirl over. And I've finally added the "About the Blog" page. (This is what I consider "getting a lot of work done.") Oh, and my first blog hop is coming up on October 9th! It's the Happily Ever After hop, hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Murphy's Library . Look forward to a sweet giveaway :)  (Get it? Sweet? Like happy endings and fairytales? I'm cheesy, I know ^.^ ) 

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