Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beauty Review: Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter

If you suffer from cold weather dry-as-a-raisin skin, like me and probably a million other people, you know what happens once those below-freezing temps hit. The heat goes on, and your hair and skin turn into a flaky, static-y mess. Well, I have declared a personal war on dry flaky skin. I've employed an army of multiple moisturizers, butters, creams, and oils. Bliss Lemon+Sage body butter is one of my fighters.

     I'll start with the scent: light, fresh, and unlike any other cream I've had the opportunity to smell. It smells like, well, lemons and sage (surprise surprise!) I immediately thought of freshly peeled lemon zest (instead of the usual sweet lemonade scent I'm used to in other "lemon" creams.) When I first smelled it, I was slightly put off by the herb note at the end, but then I slathered it on my hands and it was like aroma-harmony.
     The cream spreads really nicely. It comes out in what I'd call little "tubes" and I had fun gently switching them from one hand to another. (What can I say, I'm entertained by the small stuff in life. :D ) The texture is awesome, like spreading thick cool-whip over your skin, but with no greasy feeling whatsoever.
     As for moisture power, it seems to quench my sahara skin's thirst pretty effectively. I get flaky again within 18 hours of applying it. I wash my hands really often, being someone in early childhood care, so it's not very effective on my hands. (Not much is; I think I need some of those glove things for nighttime treatment.) I did test it after using a cheap drugstore shower gel, and found that I had to reapply it about an hour later. But of course, that's why I don't normally use 99 cent shower gel ;)
     My gripe is the price. I won't deny that I'm pretty stingy when it comes to spending on beauty or almost anything else, for that matter. The small tube I purchased was 1.7 oz and cost $6...the full size tube is $29 for 6.7 oz. If you really slather it on, and use it on your entire body, I'd say that you could get about 3 uses from the small tube. I've used it only on the driest areas of my skin, and I've gotten 4 uses, with enough for one or two more. I still haven't decided whether I should go for the full size or not...

Lia's Rating: Loved it! (But not the price.)

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