Monday, January 21, 2013

Quick Review: Deadlocked by A.R. Wise


"David was caught in the middle of the city when the zombie outbreak started. His wife and daughters were at home, stranded on the roof as zombies waited below. He would have to fight through hordes of undead, merciless other survivors, and a series of death defying stunts to get home. However, even if he makes it there, how can he be sure they're safe?

Deadlocked puts you into David's head as he struggles to get home. Then a final confrontation occurs that will guarantee his family's survival, but at what cost

     This was an interesting read for me. Deadlocked was my first gritty zombie apocalypse story, and I have mixed feelings about it. I had no problem with the gore and violence (I actually enjoyed it *evil laughter*) and the setting was great; believably chaotic and frenzied. My heart was pounding right along with the fleeing masses as they trampled people, took on the "zombies," and tried to get in touch with loved ones. I LOVE the theory that the zombie disease originates from an act of bio-terrorism, not paranormal activity (lolz.)  The "stabbed by needles" thing confused me, though. I think that I would've connected better with the story had it been longer, because so much happened in such a short amount of time. I barely got to know David before the ending, which was powerful and pretty much broke my heart. 
     I definitely want to read the next book, and I'm looking forward to what bloggers and reviewers were most excited about in it: Laura's kick-ass mother bear attitude!

Lia's Rating: Loved It

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