Monday, January 28, 2013


   It was all over. It was in my inbox. The Great Lia extended her Google invite and said, "Join me in bloggerdom, and together we shall rule ALL the reviews, MUAHAHAHAHA! >8D" If her capslock onomatopoeia wasn't bloodcurdling enough, the crazed evil smiley really made me shake with fear. She'd stop at nothing to get what she wanted. I knew what I had to do, declining clearly not an option. The mouse slowly made its way to the 'Accept' button....

*  *  *
   Okay, so maaaaybe that's not exactly what happened. But Lia did ask me to join her with reviews and all that fun stuff, so of course I said yes! I'm already putting together a review or two about- *ahem ahem* I'm so sorry, you must be thinking "Who does this random weirdo hijacking the Remarkable Reads blog think they are? They're already talking about posting reviews and we know nothing about them except that they're a tall tale story teller (wow, say that 10 times fast)!" Well, rest easy because I'm certainly no blog hijacker (phew, I know.) Hmm, let's see how brief I can keep this...
Basically, my name is Alli, I'm a super close friend of Lia, and I love reading, sports, ginger ale, cars, traveling, cooking/baking (although baking is really my forte,) capslock, beading, a good laugh, & being a shameless cat lady and I'm not even 20 cats.
I'm not as much of a reader as *ehem* The Supreme Bookworm Herself, but I plan on doing a few reviews here & there, and I'm excited to be a part of the Remarkable Reads Team! :D

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